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Good Things Come To Those That Wait...
~ Fox Reds & Yellows Due February 2017 ~ Available March/April 2018 ~ ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS NOW

    If you are interested in purchasing a Blackfork Labrador, please take the time to fill out the puppy questionnaire by clicking the link below.  When you complete and click the submit button, I will receive the questionnaire automatically via email.  Then I will be in touch with you with additional details and answer to any questions that you may have.

    ~We offer delivery to Dallas and the  Boston, Massachusetts area~

    (Delivery Fee applies)


***To prepare for you new Blackfork Labrador***

Puppy Supply List


Page Updated On: 02/03/18

Fox Reds & Yellows planned to be available February & March 2018

Please complete our puppy questionnaire for details


Gabby x Gunther ~ Fox Red/Yellow Litter - Breeding confirmed

Due February 13, 2018 ~ Available April 7, 2018




Holly x Reid ~ Fox Red/Yellow Litter - Breeding confirmed

Due February 17, 2018 ~ Available April 7, 2018





 Deposit Information

  • To hold your pick, we require a $300 deposit (the deposit applies to the total cost of the puppy).

  • Picks are given in the order that the deposits are received, and if the particular pick is not available, than the client is given their choice of what remains, or waiting for the next litter to arrive.

  • Deposits will be refundable until the time that the puppies are born. Once they are born and you decide the sex and color you would like to have, the deposit becomes nonrefundable.

  • Deposits can be made via Paypal or by mailing a personal check, cashiers check, or money order to the address at the bottom at the page.

    **As the breeder, unless otherwise noted, we reserve the rights to at least the first 2 picks from each litter.

Puppy Care Information

  • Puppies' weights are monitored weekly to ensure that all of the puppies are advancing at the same rate.

  • Puppies are dewormed at 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks.

  • At 6 weeks, the puppies are given their first shots.

  • PIctures are taken on a bi-weekly basis.

  • We begin monitoring personality at 4 weeks of age.

  • All puppies go to the vet for a health check prior to leaving us.

  • All puppies are microchipped.

Puppy picks are made in the order that deposits are received at 7 weeks.  7 weeks is the best time to see videos of the puppies to give a more accurate look at personality. The puppies are going through constant changes and at 7 weeks you will have a better pictures of what they are like.  At 7 weeks of age we will do the last set of photos and do videos of the puppies. I contact each client in order of deposits received, and work with each client to match them with the puppy that fits best with their family from my observations of personality and their observations of pictures and video clips. All picks are usually made over 3-4 days depending on how many puppies there are. I have used this process for 6+ years, and everyone has always been happy with their puppy. If someone is last pick, and I feel the puppy personality is not a good match for the family I will give them the choice of getting their deposit back or carrying the deposit over to another litter.

We allow our puppies to go home at 8 weeks.  We will deliver within a reasonable distance, and we also offer delivery to Grapevine, TX for our Texas families.   We are also now offering delivery to the Boston area on a frequent basis.  Delivery fee is determined by the distance traveled and the number of clients serviced by the delivery.

Puppies come with a puppy packet that includes:

  • A written guarantee for 26 months on hips and 18 months on eyes

  • Information on registering the microchip

  • A ziploc bag of puppy food

  • A toy that has been played with by the puppy and its littermates.  (The scent of the littermates helps the puppy to adjust to its new surroundings easier.)

Our puppies are fed Fromm Gold Puppy Food!

All pet puppies will be sold with Limited Registration.  Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.  A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration shall be ineligible to be entered in a licensed or member dog show.  It is eligible, however to be entered in any other licensed AKC event such as obedience, tracking, field trials, hunting test, herding, lure coursing, agility and earth dog events.  Limited Registration can be changed to full registration only by the litter owner.