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 Enjoying our Blackforks puppy Atlas (Ginger X Tate) Almost 9 month old.

We cant say enough great things about him, smart, lovable and amazing with the kids!

Thanks for such a great addition to our family. The Wolfe's.




 Here is Bodie. He is 8 months old today. ( Sera & Aedan).

Only in CA can he swim in March. Best dog ever.

Thank you Blackfork. The Johnson's.




Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that Gus is doing fantastic and we love him to pieces. 

He's been working with a local hunting trainer who is sure he'll pass his Jr Hunt Test with flying colors;

he has a very strong retrieving drive.

He has the best temperament of any puppy I've ever owned, training has been a breeze--thanks for doing what you do!

I took him to the vet on Monday for his last shots and he weighed in at 32 pounds, he's gonna be a big boy!

All the Best! The Gullickson's.




Thank you Audry and everyone at Blackfork Labradors. Heres a pic of two BFL babies.

The big one is "J."

Shes a 1.5 year old Jessie/Rhys baby who is now known as Mama J.

The littke one is "Opus."

She's a 3 mo old Bubbles/Chance baby.

 It's so amazing to see the little one actively learning the importance of cuddling from a master.

 The Weddle's.



We wanted to share a little about FREYA from the Hunter and Juliet litter.

She is a complete joy and has a beautiful personality.  

She is six months old now and is so intelligent she challenges us daily.

We have a couple of child safety gates up to keep the dogs out of certain areas and she mastered being able to unlatch those quickly (by the latch itself).

She has now figured out how to open doors using the door knob.

She is a beautiful baby.

Thank you for such a wonderful baby.

The McGovern's.



This Blackfork Labbie is the sweetest, kindest boy!! Boot is 100 lbs of handsome sweetness.

Faith x George 9.12.13. The Dicken's.



This is Cooper from Juliet xHunter... I'm pretty sure I have the most beautiful dog in the world!!!

And what a wonderful dog he is...Just had to be a mom and brag a bit. The Alexander's.



Hi Audrey! Here is Boo Boo, the Purple girl from the 15 August litter Tilly x Gavin!

She is adorable, we love her so much. The Virgilio's.



 Is this not the cutest face you have ever seen?!? My Tucker Pie (Juliet and Hunter).

The Stevenson's.



Happy Birthday to our Big Boy Voros!!! He's 5 years old today and we can't thank Audrey/Blackford Labs

 enough for doing what they do to help bring pups like him and our girl Kuloc into people's lives!!!

The McGee's.



Duke about 10 months old. Thanks Blackfork. The William's.



Bubbles & Chance litter - purple girl

This is Maggie! Now 5 months old and loves the water and play time is her favorite!

She is the sweetest and smartest little girl,

 we are so thankful to have her in our life!! The Haymond's.



Leo is fitting right in with our family...he is sweet,cuddly,kind,and low key..perfect. The Shumate's.



Just and update on Kane (Juliet x hunter) he is such a wonderful and remarkably smart dog!

We love him to pieces!!! Thanks a million!!The Broussard's.



This is Lonestar today. He is such a great addition to our family.

Thank you again Audry for letting us be part of the Blackfork family. The Reiff's.