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Reid x Olivia


Blackfork's Pay It Forward - Reid


Blackfork's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Olivia




 Blackfork's Pay It Forward

Talimar's Country Mile

GR. CH Hyspire Singular Sensation

FIN CH Mallorns Shenandigan  

Riverlane Hyspire Savannah  

Talimar's Country Maid

CH Visions Cain's Mutiny  

Talimar Moondance At Metate

Blackfork's Sugar & Spice Of Scattercreek

Oakdale's Dunbar at Penara

Little River Redheaded Stranger

Windfall's Redbuds of Oakdale

Penara's Shall We Dance

CH Tabatha's Glacieridge Sumac 

Penara's Punkin' Pie

Blackfork's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Penara's Without Warning

Little River Redheaded Stranger 


CH Keepsake Cajun

 Little River Strawberry Fields


Penara's Shenanigans CGC



Penara's Rocket Science


Valleywood Out of the Mist

Blackfork's Trail of Tears

Penara's Blackfork Amazin Cajun Tate

Oakdale's Dunbar at Penara

Penara's Amazin' Maizey

Steelhart's Balreon Red Fern

Keepsake Great Balls Of Fire

Avalon's Red Light District